In the Aiello area...

The municipality of Aiello includes the hamlet of Joannis (1.5 km) and the district of Novacco (1 km) and Uttano (1.5 km), which can also be reached via cycle paths. Four late medieval mills can be admired in the open countryside. The best-preserved mill is that of Novacco, attested in documents from over 1,000 years ago.

In the hamlet of Joannis, besides Palazzo Strassoldo Frangipane you can visit the ancient Centa, a fortified low-medieval (15th-century) complex, consisting of the Curate's House, the Canipa (warehouse for foodstuffs) and the cemetery. Here, we can recognise the remains of the ancient church of Sant'Agnese and the small chapel of Santa Lucia with its water-covered floor.

For those who love natural habitats, the municipally-owned biotope Torbiera Groi can be visited in the south-west part of the hamlet of Joannis. 20,000 m² of protected area in a wetland environment: swamps, springs, ponds, hedges, thickets and reeds with strips of meadows hosting an infinite variety of herbs and flowers. Palmanova Outlet Village, a commercial complex with over 90 fashion stores, was recently built in the Municipality of Aiello.