second floor


  • Machine providing freshly ground coffee and hot water for tea
  • Tea packs
  • Packaged snacks
  • Rusks/biscuits
  • Jams
  • Honey and chocolate spread
  • Cream and butter

N.B. Agreements with restaurants
and local pizzerias
for home delivery
of lunches/dinners.

Guests are responsible
for providing food
for lunch and dinner.

Spacious and featuring a pitched ceiling with inclined chestnut beams and exposed tiles. Plenty of natural light enters through the skylight, which lets you admire the friendly pigeons which walk across the glass and look inside. The furniture is linked to the Friulian tradition, with a rectangular table to accommodate the floor's guests at breakfast or lunch. The walnut kitchen furnishings are built into a wooden beam and equipped with induction hobs, refrigerators and sinks. There are separate cutlery and plates for each individual room on the floor.