Aiello, Museum of Rural Life of Imperial Friuli

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Cultural Association of the Formentini Museums of Rural Life
via F. Petrarca 1, Aiello
+39 327 2851200
+39 329 4755458
+39 327 2851200

History of a Civilisation
The purpose of the Aiello Museum is to pass on for posterity the history of rural life in the County of Gorizia and Gradisca, through the various objects, tools, machines, documents and iconography on display in its many sections.

A guide will help you discover the 70 sections that fill the Museum's halls
From tillage to haymaking, from means of transport to weights and measures, from barn to stables, from cellar to rural home and various crafts related to agriculture.

You can admire a collection of over 25,000 artefacts, constantly growing, which cover five centuries of history. It is the largest ethnographic museum in Italy!