1st Walk: Novacco Mill and Joannis



Length: 7,35 km
Estimated Time: 1 hour 50 minutes (excluding stops)

Type: Dirt road, country road, municipal road, cycle path

Historical places: Medieval mill of Novacco, medieval Centa, Palazzo De Senibus, Sant'Agnese Church, Palazzo Strassoldo-Frangipane, Villa Ines

Novacco Mill is located south-west of Aiello. From Castello di Aiello, continue for 400 metres towards Alture, then right along a dirt road, and after about 30 minutes you'll reach Novacco where you'll find the old building of Novacco Mill and the Miller's House. Novacco Mill was the largest of the four Aiello mills and in the past had 6 wheels. The canopy next to the mill is supported by two ancient Roman columns. Continue along a tree-lined road to reach the Joannis-Strassoldo route. Turn right towards Joannis and after 100 metres of paved road turn left, going around a...

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