3rd Walk: Sardon Mill, Saciletto and Tininin Mill



Length: 9 km
Estimated Time: 2 hours 15 minutes (excluding stops)

Type: Paved road, cycle path, dirt road

Historical places: Alture: Palazzo Antonini, Sardon Mill, Saciletto: Cà di Vope Winery, Castello D’Angeri-Antonini, Perteole: Church of S. Tommaso Apostolo, Tininin Mill

Sardon Mill is located south of Aiello, and can be reached by following a narrow and little-used paved road after passing the village of Alture. Arriving in the courtyard, we admire the ancient mill and the imposing farmhouse with adjoining hearth. In the past, the mill had 4 wheels.

Continue the journey up to Saciletto, arriving at the Ca' di Volpe Winery and contemplating the architectural beauty of the majestic Castello d'Angeri-Antonini. You then reach Perteole via a cycle path alongside a vineyard, and upon reaching the parish church, turn left towards Tininin Mill and Aiello.