4th Walk: Tininin Mill and Perteole



Length: 7,75 km
Estimated Time: 1 hour 50 minutes (excluding stops)

Type: Dirt road, paved road, cycle path

Historical places: Tininin Mill, Perteole: Church of S. Tommaso Apostolo, Church of Sant'Andrea, Chapel of the Fallen of the First World War

Tininin Mill is located southeast of Aiello, and can be reached after travelling along a straight dirt road: it is the only one of Aiello's four mills to still have a fully functioning wheel.

Continuing the path, you enter Perteole and once you reach the church, turn left to the ancient church dedicated to Sant'Andrea. Years ago during its restoration, over a thousand ancient medieval silver coins were found under the floor, which are today preserved in the archaeological museum of Cividale.

Near the church is the first cemetery built by the Italian army to bury the fallen of the First World War. An imposing chapel was built inside the cemetery with exquisite frescoes inside. You return to Aiello along a beautiful cycle path.